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The 4 Essential Uses Of Unwind System To a Slitter Rewinder

The 4 Essential Uses Of Unwind System To a Slitter Rewinder

If you want to get the best deal from a slitter rewinder, it is best if it has the unwind system features. It is one of the things that are usually neglected, but it shouldn’t be that way. It has a lot of important uses to a slitter rewinder. Check out the essential uses of an unwind system to a slitter rewinder.

1. Design factor

If you are getting an unwind system, it needs to match the design criteria of the rewinder usage. There are a lot of things to consider such as weight range, the speed of production, roll diameters, delivery system and a lot more. The unwinding system should be a match to all these criteria so that it won’t have any problem.

2. Frame Construction

We can’t help the tension and vibration that will be caused by the fully operational slitter rewinder, and that is the reason why durable and stable frames are needed to ensure that there will be a smooth unwinding operation for the machine that you are using. If what you have is the big bulk of rolls, there is a need for a much stronger frame that can be mounted on the walls.

3. Edge building

On this case, it is necessary that the unwind systems are attached to the floor. You also need to make sure that the floor is not slippery because it can just cause some problems when you start the production.

4. Shafted operation

Among any other types of unwinding system, the shafted unwind are the most affordable. There are just some things that you need to consider when getting the right core size. You need to think about the load, speed, tolerance and a lot more so you can end up getting the right one.

Make sure you put these four things into consideration because these are the most common issues why a rewinder would need some repairs.

The Top 4 Processes of Paper Converting That We Need To Know

The Top 4 Processes of Paper Converting That We Need To Know

Most of us may not know the importance of a paper converter and how it works. Without it, our lives will not be convenient as it is because a lot of products we have at home are made through the paper converting. Let’s get some idea about it. Here are the top processes of paper conversion that we may not know.

1. Roll Slitting

The papers we see every day doesn’t look appealing if you can still see it in bulk. It comes in on big rolls of paper that you wouldn’t even imagine that those are the papers we use in our daily lives. These large rolls need to be narrowed down, and it can only be done with the help of a paper roll converter. It is up to you on what is the width you want.

2. Sheeting

The paper roll converter is also the one responsible for creating many sheets of paper that we can see in the store. The width and length will depend on how you want it. We all know that there are a lot of paper sizes and making those will need a paper converter.

3. Flexographic printing

We have all seen different papers, wrappers or anything that has a printed name of the brand on it. The converter is also responsible for doing that. It is extremely helpful for different businesses so they would be recognized through those printed names.

4. Coating

At first, all paper products are created the same, but once a coating is done, it makes the paper special that will serve its purpose. You often see it on the tags or labels. It is also in-demand for creating the papers that are widely used by companies who are in the food business.

Those are the top processes done with a paper conversion. Without it, things would be different, and a lot of stuff will not be convenient for the consumers.

The 3 Best Tips To Know When Buying A Slitter Rewinder

The 3 Best Tips To Know When Buying A Slitter Rewinder

If you are on the lookout of a good slitter rewinder, it is essential that you know the tips on how you can get high-quality equipment. It is necessary because there are a lot of available machines that you can choose from. Check out the best tips you can ponder before buying a slitter rewinder.

  1. Company

The first thing you need to consider when purchasing a slitter rewinder is the company that you will purchase it from. It is important that the machine will come from an enterprise with an excellent reputation in the business. Think it this way. A company with a good reputation will not last long in the industry if they are not good at what they do. Aside from that, if the company is already established, you are guaranteed to get a good deal when it comes to the return policy as well as the repair needs.

  1. Check for a demo

It is always recommended to get a demo before you close out any deal for purchase. It is because you need to be sure about the capability of the machine you will buy. As what a lot of people say, it is better if you can see it yourself. There is nothing wrong with asking for an equipment demo. You are just looking out for your best interest.

  1. Assess the needs

Before you go on checking out the slitter rewinders, make sure you know the features you need for your company’s production. You can make a list and use it as a checklist. Always prioritize what are the things you will need to have a productive business operation. You can be on the losing end of the bargain if you will end up getting something that lacks some things you need.

Follow these three tips, and you can surely get the best slitter rewinder for your business.